Shimi Volkovich

Shimi Volkovich

Senior Product Designer

As a highly experienced product designer and full-stack developer

with over 20 years of expertise in design,

I have had the privilege of working

with some of the world's leading B2B and B2C companies.

My skills include design, UX/UI, and full-stack development.

I have learned to code to understand the pipeline better

while working with developers.

I am passionate about creating great user experiences

and constantly strive to improve my skills.

I am excited to continue to take on new challenges

and collaborate with talented individuals in the industry.


UX Design

Users Research,
Wireframes, A-B testing, Mockups.

UI Design

in-depth experience in UI design and applying design systems. Pixel Perfect design, advanced design mockups & developer handoff.

Full-Stack Developer

HTML, CSS & Javascript,
Accessibility(WCAG 2.2), Bootstrap.

Also basic knowledge of Xcode and Android studio.

Graphic Design

Web & Print Design, 3D
Animation/Modeling, Video Editing, Icons & Image Compositing.

Companies i've worked with