Shimi Volkovich
Product Designer

Belong.Life App

Belong Beating Cancer Together - the world's largest social and professional network for managing and navigating cancer treatment. Free and anonymous for cancer patients & caregivers.

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Improving the quality of life
& quality of care worldwide
Belong.Life App

UI/UX Design

I have joined team after the app was live for 5 years
My goals were:

  • Used Material Design as guidelines

  • Provide better UX navigation

  • Pixel-perfect vector graphics

  • User-friendly design

  • Add and improve the app's tools

  • increase user using the app

  • Help save people's lives

Belong.Life App

Direct Chat with World-Renowned Professional Experts

Leading experts address questions asked by both patients and caregivers in various professional groups, including: oncologist, radiologic, doctors in different fields, researchers, allied disciplines and other experts who provide patients with reliable information & education.

Belong.Life App

A Supportive & Interactive Patient Community

An attentive and supportive social network of patients and caregivers tailored for each patient and their specific needs, interests, concerns, and passions.

The forums provide assistance and support: users share their personal experiences, tips, and information. They support one another through coping with daily challenges, recovery, and the many other facets of the journey.

Belong.Life App

Digital Medical Binder - Files

There is no need to carry a huge binder! All your medical records are organized digitally in one place and can be shared privately with family members, friends, and medical professionals.

Belong.Life App

Web App Version

The app was adapted to desktop version
with a better user experience.

Belong.Life App

2 Platforms, 3 Languages, 5 Apps

Multiple Apps and more to come, built on the unique platform
Cancer, MS, IBD apps, and the CoronApp Built for the Israeli Ministry of Health to deal with COVID-19.
works on iOS & Android.

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